Removal Proceedings

Deportation of a non-citizen in the United States is referred to as “removal” by the Department of Homeland Security (DOH) and is executed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  When a foreign national is found to be living in the United States without proper documentation, or does have proper documentation but commits a serious enough crime, DOH labels them “removable.”  Currently, there are around 11-12 million people living in the United States without proper documentation and are often called “illegalimmigrants.”  40% of that population are those who entered the United States legally on a visa but have since overstayed.  The United States has a process whereupon those who are found to be in the United States illegally are removed through removal proceedings.  However, there are ways in which someone in removal proceedings can cancel the proceedings.  Once someone goes through the removal proceedings a judge will decide whether or not to cancel the removal or remove the person from the U.S.  The qualifications and procedure of canceling removal proceedings are covered in this section of the website.

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