Employment Immigration and Visas

Oftentimes foreign nationals are needed to fill employment positions in the United States in a variety of ways, from agriculture to rocket scientists.  U.S. employers must be certified to seek employment from  a foreign national and a job must be offered to a foreign national in order for the foreign national to receive a visa authorizing them to work in the U.S.  Depending on the type of work being offered a foreign national, employment based visas are given preference by the United States Citizen and Immigration Services.  For example, a citizen of another country who has won a Nobel Prize and has been offered a job by an American company to work in a highly complex job is given preference over a typical desk job.

Many nonimmigrants who move to the United States after receiving an employment based visa seek to adjust their status and become legal permanent residents.  This is common among workers who desire the benefits of permanent residency and plan on living in the United States long term.  This section of the website will answer your questions regarding employment based immigration, including preference, labor certification of employers, types of visas available to employees, as well as sanctions and legal issues pertaining to employers.

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